Your Responsibility

As an employer, you already know that you have a legal responsibility to protect the health and safety of your people.

However, did you know that that includes their mental health as well as their physical health?

Under health and safety law, you must do whatever is reasonably practicable to ensure that anyone who works within your business, or is affect by it, is protected from anything that may cause harm to their mental health and this means effectively controlling any risk that could arise in the workplace.


Acting on this is often not as complex as businesses think.

Protecting your people from mental health issues and mitigating risk to
your business is as simple as A.C.T

As long as you take the following A.C.T steps to ensure that your people are protected, you will also adequately protect your business from a HSE compliance perspective.


You carry out a step by step, online mental health survey
of your people and
your working environment regularly.


You promote and facilitate open discussion with your people on mental health issues, causes and solutions, either face to face or online.


You provide information about mental health risk in your workplace and provide strategies and tools to deal with issues.

For many organisations, this basic series of practical action steps will adequately protect their people from harm, whilst also protecting the future success and growth of the business.

For those who truly recognise that the success of their organisation is solely reliant on the wellbeing of their people and who want to differentiate themselves from the competition by promoting a people-first culture where the focus is on providing a healthy and happy work-place, our Team Alignment Methodology, a comprehensive people engagement strategy, may be of interest.

With 40 years combined experience in Health and Safety and Mental Health, we’ve got you covered

Discover how we can help you protect and retain the people that make your business a success

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Discover how we can help you protect and retain the people that make your business a success

If your people could be more resilient, more motivated and more productive.  If your leaders could be more equipped to manage work-related stress.
If your sales and profits could be improved,


Learning more about mental health is the first step and for many employers, it has proven to be a step that made a significant difference.