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When life throws us challenges, our ability to respond and adapt positively depends on what else is happening in our life and how equipped we are, at the time, to deal with it.  However, one thing is common for all of us: because our brain interprets all change as a threat, the initial response is often increased anxiety.

This influx of cortisol can cause our mental health to become compromised, which can affect our emotional and psychological resilience, and when our resilience is low, our ability to maintain our focus and motivation can become impeded – which can affect how we perform at work.

Individual support packages for valuable employees
needing more personalised support.

Our team of Solution Focused Practitioners specialise in working with people who are experiencing increased anxiety, whether that’s in general, or as a result of extreme pressures, or a sudden change in circumstances, and who don’t feel they are coping well.  

Our one-to-one support packages enable employers to provide employees with access to one of our Solution Focused Practitioners, who, over a series of sessions are able to support them to:

Increase understanding of how their brain works and why we feel the way we do

Make significant changes to how they think and respond to stressful situations

Improve self-awareness and gain insight into their own mental health challenges

Establish optimum mental health and contribute value to the organisation

Our practitioners are on hand to work with your people one-to-one, virtually online using the platform zoom. 

All attendees are given a mp3 recording which reinforces the content of the sessions themselves, enabling them to implement their new knowledge and skills immediately.

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To Promote Positive Mental Health At Work?

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This short quiz will take you through the six areas of ‘work design’ that highlight the primary sources of stress at work that, when not managed well, are associated with poor mental health and can lead to increased absenteeism and presenteeism, resulting in reduced creativity, productivity and results.

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If your people could be more resilient, more motivated and more productive.  If your leaders could be more equipped to manage work-related stress.
If your sales and profits could be improved,


Learning more about mental health is the first step and for many employers, it has proven to be a step that made a significant difference.