Our Team

We are a Mental Health training provider, co-founded by Gary Johannes and Tamsen Garrie, both of whom have been supporting organisations and the well-being and development of the people who work within them, for longer than we can remember! 

An experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, Gary owns and runs Inspired To Change, a clinical mental health services provider with clinics around the country, specialising in the Solution Focused approach: the most modern mental health solution based on the most up to date neuroscientific research available.

As a senior lecturer at the renowned Clifton Practice, Gary has access to neuroscientific research and findings, almost as soon as they are released, which enables us to keep our training content current.

He is also an authorised Mental Health First Aid Trainer and a speaker on Mental Health Awareness.


A HR professional with a background in the corporate sector, with over 10 years experience as a consultant, developing organisations and their people and having run her own mental health practice for over 6 years, Tamsen is very familiar with the challenges faced by organisations and their people in the modern business world.

Originally qualifying as a psychotherapist over 15 years ago, Tamsen chose to retrain in the modern neuroscientific Solution Focused approach in order to update her knowledge and skills.

She is also a speaker on Mental Health Awareness, Leadership and Team Alignment and Cultural Change.

Our Associates

As well as our two senior facilitators, we are able to support organisation and country-wide training through an associate team of qualified Solution Focused Therapists who are also trained to deliver our material.  All our associates bring a wealth of experience in both life and work, in addition to their clinical qualifications and experience and energetic delivery style.

They are:

Marketing background, lecturer, trainer and facilitator
Doctorate and university lecturer, trainer and facilitator
Accountant, trainer and
Pharmacist, trainer and
Translator, trainer and
Finance professional, trainer
and facilitator
HR Professional, trainer and
Early years teacher, trainer and facilitator

Operations Manager, trainer and facilitator

Let us help you to manage absence, reduce turnover and increase productivity and profits

We run specialist in-house
training workshops for everyone in the business, including leaders and managers and people-support functions 

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If your people could be more resilient, more motivated and more productive.  If your leaders could be more equipped to manage work-related stress.
If your sales and profits could be improved,


Learning more about mental health is the first step and for many employers, it has proven to be a step that made a significant difference.