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We are delighted to share the following testimonials from some of our clients.



The outcome has been just brilliant. It’s changed everything and the information, skills and tools we have learnt has resulted in a significant difference in the way we approach things in our organisation.

We now understand the importance and the impact of using our brains effectively and as a result, we start meetings differently, we are more open to other perspectives, we communicate more transparently and we make better decisions.

Gillian Beasley

Chief Exec, Cambridgeshire County Council



This workshop content was current, the facilitation approach was engaging and the impact of the day on our business was quite extraordinary.

We left with a strategic plan, guided by the content shared in the workshop, which was so simple to implement, that within the first quarter, productivity increased significantly, the backlog of work reduced considerably and we reported zero unplanned absence and a 20% increase in revenue.

Trevor Maponder

CEO, The Catalyst Care Group


It gave us a really good understanding of mental health in general.

The training around how the human brain works and how stress is created and why, and what we can do as managers to reduce stress in our team was enlightening.

Since the training, we’ve implemented a new approach to mental health and wellbeing in the organisation and are already seeing improvements in motivation and productivity in the team.

Maxine Palmer

Chief Exec, Green Energy Switch


We had identified a need through our line management of staff and knowledge of best practice for Mental Health Awareness training for our team.

The training has heightened awareness across the team and hopefully made all staff feel valued.

If you are considering Mental Health Awareness training for your organisation, I would definitely recommend Mental Health In The Workplace to deliver it.

Sandie Smith

CEO, Healthwatch, Cambs & Peterborough

Gillian was also kind enough to go on camera with her account of the work we’ve done with her team and the wider organisation.

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If your people could be more resilient, more motivated and more productive.  If your leaders could be more equipped to manage work-related stress.
If your sales and profits could be improved,


Learning more about mental health is the first step and for many employers, it has proven to be a step that made a significant difference.