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At Catalyst Care Group, our differentiator has always been our unique culture which is based on our three values of FAMILY, HONESTY and QUALITY.

As part of our commitment to providing a great place for all to work and enabling our people to contribute the best of themselves in their life and work, we made a strategic decision in 2018 to increase our focus on people wellness and brought Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd in to do some Mental Health Awareness Training with us and to help us to create a strategic plan.

Over one day, our senior management team came together to learn about mental health conditions, how they impact and who they affect. We deepened our relationships with each other through sharing personal experiences and we learnt information about the brain, neuroscience and ways of improving our own mental health and that of our people, that as mental health experts ourselves, we didn’t already know.

This workshop content was current, the facilitation approach was engaging and the impact of the day on our business was quite extraordinary. We left with a strategic plan, the creation of which was guided by the content shared in the workshop and which was so simple to implement, that within the first quarter, productivity increased significantly, the backlog of work reduced considerably and we reported zero unplanned absence and a 20% increase in revenue.

The concepts of DOSE and the 3 P’s of Positivity have become part of our management approach and everyday language and not just in our work environment, but at home for many of us too! We have now taken the decision to provide similar training to our entire workforce and to include this workshop as part of our ongoing development programmes.

If you are an organisation who is genuinely concerned about people wellbeing and see’s value in providing a positive environment where people thrive and mental health risk is mitigated, I highly recommend Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd. 

Trevor Mapondera

CEO, Catalyst Care Group Ltd

.We engaged Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd to deliver Mental Health Awareness training for our managers at Green Energy Switch, as we had identified that stress levels were increasing and suspected that our team were experiencing a greater sense of pressure than we were comfortable with.

We wanted to ensure that we were promoting a positive environment for all our people as we have some significant goals for 2019.

The training was exceptional.

It gave us a really good understanding of mental health in general and enabled some really positive open discussion that we felt helped reduce the stigma that many of us have developed over time.

More significantly, the training around how the human brain works and how stress is created and why, and what we can do as managers to reduce stress in our team was enlightening.

Since the training, we have implemented a new approach to mental health and wellbeing in the organisation and are already seeing improvements in motivation and productivity in the team.

We would highly recommend Mental Health In The Workplace Ltd as their training is not just informative, but also enables a change in mindset and behaviour, from the offset. 

Maxine Palmer

General Manager, Green Energy Switch

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Discover how we can help you protect and retain the people that make your business a success

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If your people could be more resilient, more motivated and more productive.  If your leaders could be more equipped to manage work-related stress.
If your sales and profits could be improved,


Learning more about mental health is the first step and for many employers, it has proven to be a step that made a significant difference.