Physical Activity for Enhanced Resilience

Resilience Awareness Training – TWO HOURS

An exploration of the primitive reasons behind why we need to move and exert ourselves, the impact of both a lack of physical activity and increased physical activity on the brain and body, as well as simple things we can do ourselves incorporate more activity into our lives in order to enhance our wellbeing.

An exploration of the impact of physical activity on the brain & body and in effect on our mental health.

Exploring the science behind movement (defined as activity that is low to moderate in intensity) and exercise (defined as activity that is moderate to high in intensity), this course raises awareness of the primitive reasons behind why we need to move and exert ourselves.

It outlines the impact of both a lack of physical activity and increased physical activity on the brain and body and therefore on our wellbeing, and also provides practical ways for us to intentionally incorporate more activity into our daily lives in order to enhance our resilience and performance.

Combining presentations and current statistical content with individual reflections and activities, all built around modern science and equips attendees with the following:

An understanding of the importance of physical activity in wellbeing

Enhanced knowledge of how we move impacts mental health

Increased self-awareness and insight into your own status and habits

The plan and confidence to improve your levels of physical activity

Everyone who completes the course gets a workbook and manual which details all learning content and highlights key points to remember and actions to take so that they can refer back at any time and refresh their knowledge, enabling them to implement their new knowledge and skills immediately.

They also receive a certificate to say that they have attended the Physical Activity Mental Health course.

Numbers are limited to 16 people per course so that we can ensure people feel safe and supported while they learn.

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