To Promote Positive Mental Health At Work?

Find out by taking our quick Mental Health At Work Quiz

This short quiz will take you through the six areas of ‘work design’ that highlight the primary sources of stress at work. 

When they are not managed well, these sources of stress are associated with poor mental health and can lead to increased absenteeism and presenteeism, resulting in reduced creativity, productivity and results.

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If you agreed LESS THAN 25% or 4 (1-3) times

Mental wellbeing is obviously valued in your organisation and efforts are made to promote a healthy work environment.  People feel supported and enabled to do a good job.
Well done – it’s paying off!

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If you agreed BETWEEN 26% and 66% or 4 and 8 times

There are some obvious signs of work-related stress in your organisation, which will inevitably be having an impact on creativity, productivity and results.  Pay attention to the specific work-design areas that you agreed with as this will help you to prioritise improvements in the work place to promote a healthier working environment.

A few small changes
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If you agreed MORE THAN 67% or 8 (9-12) times

Unfortunately, it appears that your organisation may be failing to protect its people from the primary sources of stress at work and as a result could be experiencing high absenteeism and presenteeism, reduced creativity, productivity and results and high legal risk.  Be sure to highlight the specific work-design areas that require attention and prioritise improving mental wellbeing for the benefit of all.

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Having now got a better idea of how your organisation is doing in relation to promoting Mental Health In The Workplace, perhaps you would like to discuss the result in a little more detail?

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