Examples of Good Practice – an Interview with an LV Employee

We often share that statistic that 1 in 4 people in the UK will be suffering with a mental health issue of some sort at any one time. This used to be a shock to people but it’s now become widely known and accepted.

Many of us also know that whilst not all mental health issues are caused directly by work, work has been shown to significantly influence a person’s wellbeing and to play an important role in whether or not a person recovers from a mental health issue, and how quickly.

Here at Mental Health In The Workplace, we are often contacted by organisations that are experiencing the impact of this statistic on their team, their clients and, as a result, their business, ever more so with the uncertain climate we have been working with recently. We often hear examples of where mental health is not being prioritised and/or managed well, so it’s always encouraging when we hear that an organisation is getting it right!

For this reason, we wanted to share some examples of companies that are taking steps to look after the mental wellbeing of their people.

The first company we’d like to shine a light on is Liverpool Victoria Insurance.  

An Interview with an LV Employee


An Interview with an LV Employee

We recently interviewed one of Liverpool Victoria’s employees and this is what they shared with us


1. Tell us who you are and where you work

My name is Richard Russel and I work for Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company. 

2. Tell us about the role that you do and what that involves

I work in the Motor division of the company as a Customer Relations Advisor and part of my role is dealing with complaints from customers who insure with us. The other part of my role is dealing with motor claims that are reported to us on a daily basis by our customers and/or a Third Party.

3. What initiatives does your organisation have in place to support its employees?

LV have implemented a ‘Voice Of Customer’ initiative where our customers can give feedback on the way we handled their claim. If a customer recognises a specific advisor for providing great customer service, that advisor will receive a reward, sometimes monetary.

There is always opportunities for continuous development and training will be provided  in whatever role you want to progress into. I started at the company 7 years ago as a Level 1 claims advisor and I have been in my current role as Customer Relations Advisor for 4 years.

4. What support do you receive from your direct management team?

I get great support from my Line Manager. We have regular 1-2-1 sessions to discuss anything that’s on my mind whether work related or not.  He will always ask me how I am feeling and how I am coping with day to day life. LV are supportive of all their staff’s mental wellbeing and we have an active group of people within the company who organise events and sponsorships and the monies are donated to charities such as Wellness and Mind.

5. What impact do you think this support has on your day to day life and overall mental wellbeing?

I feel that I can live and work productively and that I can cope with stresses of daily life.  The support I get helps me to  adapt and manage myself in times of change and uncertainty.

During Covid 19, LV closed all their offices around the UK. The company also confirmed that they would not be taking advantage of the furlough scheme as a result. I was to off work with full pay in this time until it was safe to return to the office. This was one stress off my mind that I will not be financially impacted.

Is your organisation a great place to work?

We are looking for more example of good practice to share. If your organisation is doing some great work looking after the mental wellbeing of it’s people, we’d love to hear about it. Please get in touch

Visit the HSE website for current news about mental health.

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